Trampoliere outdoor Collection

design Roberto Paoli, 2013

The Trampoliere collection is a project by the designer Roberto Paoli, that plays with a balanced body: the apparently unsteady legs reach upwards by a few millimeters over the seat. This is the products’ particular detail.

The Trampoliere collection was displayed for the first time at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2013 and included a chair, armchair, and stool. 

In 2016 further elements dedicated to the outdoor environment were included in the collection: a chair, armchair, and stool, all stackable and crafted specifically for outdoor use.

Products of the collection


Roberto Paoli

Roberto Paoli

After graduating in architecture at the University of Florence in 1994, Roberto Paoli immediately started working on small-scale designs, specializing in glass bending and plastic injection molding techniques. From this experience, he began…

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