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New P47 collection: contemporary elegance

Published on 05/09/2021
New P47 collection: contemporary elegance

A unique collection with unusual features presents its strong and determined soul. P47 is an expression of style, refined design, and innovation capable of revolutionizing the world of interior seating.

Midj’s new collection carries the unmistakable signature of Franco Poli and will be the protagonist at Milan’s Supersalone 2021.

Bringing to life a new aesthetic vision

Our search for innovative solutions leads us to the idea and design of P47. The collection is enhanced by using only three materials that hold their identity and bring to life an original, luxurious, and prestigious design language.

Metal, leather, and fabric come together in a seat that shows its revolutionary design as it seems to conquer gravity as the geometric, repeated, and regular weave of the backrest seems to be suspended in the air.

P47 armchair, design Franco Poli.P47 lounge chair, design Franco Poli.

All it takes is a first glance to understand the collection’s essence: the curious material items play with textures and stretches carefully studied by our technical team.

“The entire P47 collection allows imagination to explore a design never experienced before.”

Leather: the absolute protagonist of P47

The sophisticated hand-crafted manufacturing and careful treatments shape the valuable Tuscan leather with surprisingly precise, refined, and detailed finishes.

Handcrafted P47, design Franco Poli.Handcrafted P47, design Franco Poli.

The leather is secured to the painted steel frame through the sole use of visible rivets, originally 47. A surprising fastening solution that gives the seat an attractive personality with a strong visual impact. The metallic black rivets enhance the collection’s strong character, which captures and fascinates at first glance.

“P47 rediscovers the art of craftsmanship, the real Made in Italy that unveils the natural excellence of Tuscan leather.”

P47 chair, design Franco Poli.P47 chair, design Franco Poli.

Light sneaks through the openings in the leather, becoming an integral part of the design as if to complete it, transforming and decorating the surrounding environment with essential aesthetic value.

“The carving of the leather combined with the painted stainless steel structure, create a seat with a contemporary and, at the same time, vintage feel.”

Exclusivity and avant-garde in home environments

Any scenario that welcomes the elements from the P47 collection experiences its determined and energetic influence. Elements elegantly step into domestic spaces as the leather’s natural elasticity and the seat’s comfortable padding provide maximum comfort during relaxation moments.

P47 chair, design Franco Poli.P47 chair, design Franco Poli.

The pastel colors available make the P47 collection perfect for the coziest rooms of the house, such as living rooms and bedrooms, assuring attractiveness, warmth, and comfort.

P47 lounge chair and coffee table, design Franco Poli.P47 lounge chair and coffee table, design Franco Poli.

“Its uniqueness decorates spaces dedicated to a sophisticated lifestyle that seeks contemporary art furnishing accessories.”

With its fully contemporary woven leather, the P47 coffee table brings relaxation, functionality, and aesthetics into the most sophisticated and classy environments.

P47 coffee table, design Franco Poli.P47 coffee table, design Franco Poli.

Even more fascinating when paired with the collection’s sofa. Ideal not only in residential conversation areas, it also meets the needs of style, contemporary elegance, and exclusivity required in hotel suites.

P47 sofa, design Franco Poli.

P47 sofa, design Franco Poli.

The P47 stool wins new verticalities by meeting the multiple needs of the most sophisticated contemporary living environments. The structure is functional, proportional, and versatile, giving continuity to the embracing seat.

P47 stool, design Franco Poli.

P47 stool, design Franco Poli.

A dynamic formality in professional environments

The large and comfortable seats fit in managerial and office spaces that take into account every sophisticated detail.

“Its magnificent and gripping pattern certainly stands out. A style that moves the soul even in the most formal environments.”

P47 chairs and coffee table, design Franco Poli.P47 chairs and coffee table, design Franco Poli.

The P47 collection presents an intelligent design: a balanced and resistant leather mesh, an ergonomically shaped structure, and a soft padded seat that ensures correct posture.

P47 lounge + executive chair, design Franco Poli.

P47 lounge and executive chair, design Franco Poli.

P47 comes in pastel colors to add a touch of elegance and brightness to study and workrooms. While chosen in classic colors, it adds a touch of formality to the most sophisticated environments.

P47 collection, design Franco Poli.P47 collection, design Franco Poli.

The armchairs with a four-star trestle base either fixed or with wheels guarantee movement, support, and visual definition of the areas.

“With its strong but at the same time distinct and harmonious personality, P47 fascinates the spectator with a visual play of full and empty spaces.”

P47 desk chair, design Franco PoliP47 desk chair, design Franco Poli.

Our P47 stools with adjustable height and footrest, come with a plain-color base that allows original color combinations.

P47 stools, design Franco Poli.P47 stools, design Franco Poli.

The new expression of interior design

A designer project dedicated to every type of space, style, and need. P47 is a daring, versatile, and exciting collection. Download the catalog now.

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