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Evivo project, Klagenfurt, Austria

Published on 27/04/2018
Evivo project, Klagenfurt, Austria

It is said that Design should do more than simply embellish and embellish a product. Design must be an integral part of the development of a product already during the design process.” Inspired by this certainty, designer Walter Hösel oversaw the exhibition “EVIVO” inaugurated on Saturday 28 April in Klagenfurth, Austria, which involved internationally renowned artists such as Matteo Thun and Laurids Ortner.

Fourteen big names in international design have reinterpreted the H5 collection without limits. Leaving free space to everyone’s creativity.


Matteo Thun for Evivo. Photo credits: Nacho Alegre

Laurids Ortner for Evivo.

midj-krebsKarsten Krebs for Evivo.

midj-kamplGudrun Kampl for Evivo.

midj-wiedemannMaximilian Wiedemann for Evivo.

midj-seilernLarissa Seilern for Evivo.

midj-hoeselBenjamin Hösel for Evivo.

midj-lammelMichael Lammel for Evivo.

midj-lammelNina Hollein for Evivo.

midj-seebacherUlli Seebacher for Evivo.

midj-kosMichael Kos for Evivo.

midj-pichlerPepo Pichler for Evivo.


Theres Cassini for Evivo.


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