P47 Collection

design Franco Poli - 2021

P47 is inspired by the multidimensionality of the universe and by what we do not yet know, which the designer Franco Poli has tried to investigate through an ambitious project. We embraced his idea and collaborated with great synergy to create a collection in which leather is fixed in an absolutely innovative way. The leather is applied directly to the frame, anchored only with visible rivets, creating a play of tensions that guarantees extraordinary seating comfort and at the same time gives a sophisticated aesthetic.

Hide, the protagonist of the P47 collection, is a very complex material due to its natural and elastic characteristics. Shaping it, giving it the shape for which it was designed requires sensitivity, advanced skills and above all the ability to work dynamically: the designer, the technical office and the prototypist are involved in a dialogue that is constantly evolving. P47, which owes its name to the number of fixing points of the first prototype, is an innovative collection due to the choice of using only two materials held together without the use of chemical agents.

P47 defines a new aesthetic, where the leather net is fixed to the frame through visible rivets. The result is a collection of pure design with a strong and decisive soul.

Products of the collection


Franco Poli

Franco Poli

Franco Poli, a designer born in Padua in 1950, is a freelancer with consolidated experience. In 1977 he was the artistic director for Bernini spa, in 1986 he…

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