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Zanotti Pane, Dolci e Caffè

Travagliato, Italy

The basic idea that led to the creation of the Zanotti - Pane, Dolci e Caffè is the desire to welcome guests at all moments of the day: from breakfast to happy hour. Our Apelle Jump stools, designed by Beatriz Sempere, turned out to be just perfect for this project.

Bread is the restaurant’s protagonist and led Flussocreativo design studio to choose a combination of white finishes and surfaces to enhance the warm and enveloping color of this sacred food.

The counter is divided into three sections, each of which is designed for specific use: the bar area with its breakfast tables; the pastry area for brunches and snacks furnished with our Apelle Jump stools; and finally the bakery section for lunches and takeaway bread. The niches, designed in correspondence with the windows, are characterized by a sage-green wooden frame matching the cafeteria’s walls. The two-color exotic style wallpaper gives the bakery a contemporary and anti-conventional style.

From the cold and matt tones of the niches and wallpaper, we move on to a range of contrasting, warm, enveloping, and bright colors. The counter is made of quartz agglomerate and hides in detail the clay-colored front band, a reminder of traditional baking tools.

Project & Design
Mattia Aquila

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