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San Giorgio Cafè

Venice, Italy

In April 2019, the "San Giorgio Café with Filippo La Mantia" opened, the café-bistro on the island of San Giorgio in Venice. The project, commissioned by the Giorgio Cini Foundation for the enhancement of the reception services of the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, was carried out by the D'Uva company together with the host and chef Filippo La Mantia.

The interior design project was entrusted to Ilaria D’Uva in collaboration with the architect Paolo Richelli's studio. They took care of the restoration project of the ancient rooms of the foundation converted into a restaurant. The San Giorgio Café with Filippo La Mantia offers 80 seats - of which about fifty in the outdoor area - in a renewed and welcoming space, next to the Benedictine walls of the Foundation, directly on the San Marco basin, with a suggestive view of the dock of the island and on the Riva degli Schiavoni.

In the choice of materials and colors, the studio of the architect Richelli looked for the colors of the lagoon such as gray and blue-green. He associated them with the walnut wood and the bronze-colored metal of the furnishings, recreating the color palette of the territory inside the room.

"Arriving in Venice each time brings a magical component that acts on the emotional level and arriving in San Giorgio further detonates every sensation that the senses perceive:
the view from this part of the basin of San Marco unusual to most, the smell of the lagoon which in San Giorgio has a more concentrated natural component, the stays of the boats in the marina that accompany the visitor's steps with their lullaby, the light that enhances the architecture ... every detail speaks to the soul and stimulates it to recollection first and then energy.
" tells the Architect. These emotions have led to the creation of a welcoming space where time seems to be suspended to allow users to admire the space that surrounds them .

The chairs in the internal and external rooms are part of our Nenè collection designed by Paolo Vernier. Inside, the wooden version heats the room and creates a leap with the wooden element very present in Venetian architecture. In the plastic version, Nenè furnishes the outdoor spaces of the outdoor area, keeping the palette consistent with the colors of the lagoon.

The bases of the restaurant tables are our Smart: available in a large variety of colors, they are solid and resistant even in the open air and in the seaside areas, thanks to the special treatment that guarantees resistance even in high salinity areas.

Project & Design
Studio Architetto Paolo Riccelli
Davide Repetto

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