Dhabbu The Asiatic

Brescia, Italy

Dhabbu - The Asian restaurant is located in a historic building in the Carmine district of Brescia, extending over 150 sqm and its style is a blend of Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai-style luscious ingredients contaminated with taste and taste. The aesthetics made in italy.

Flussocreativo designers have mixed bamboo, wicker and rattan elements mixed with painted iron and wallpaper, creating a contemporary but at the same time intimate and elegant ambience. The Ola collection, designed by Paolo Vernier, in its chair , armchair and stool version made of oak natural finish are the complements that enhance the context.

Wooden portal geometry drives the entrance of the halls, ethnic wallpaper designs, and the multifaceted waterfall of wicker lamps give the feeling of an exotic environment capable of joining two worlds very distant between them.

Project & Design
Alberto Petrò

Project Photos

Products Used

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