Dhabbu The Asiatic

Brescia, Italy

Dhabbu - The Asian restaurant located in a historic building in the neighborhood Carmine in Brescia, extends over 150 square meters and represents a fusion of Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai styles contaminated with Italian taste and aesthetics.

The designers of Flussocreativo have mixed elements such as bamboo, wicker, and rattan with painted iron and wallpaper, creating a contemporary yet intimate and elegant environment. The furnishing accessories that enhance the setting come from the collection Ola, designed by Paolo Vernier, and includes chairs, armchairs, and stools in natural oak finishes.

The geometric wooden portals guide towards the entrance of the rooms, ethnic patterns on the wallpapers and multi-faceted cascades of wicker lamps offer the experience of an exotic environment that brings together two far apart worlds.

Project & Design
Alberto Petrò

Project Photos

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