Bäckerei Baumgartner

Steinerkirchen an der Traun, Austria

The atmosphere at Baumgartner Bäckerei & Cafè is warm and welcoming. The delicate scent of fresh bread has been combined with the enveloping aroma of coffee in a space that expresses at first glance the approach to life of the Baumgartner family that has been running the family oven since 1927.

The room that houses the bakery has recently been enlarged and completely renovated. The building smells of the ancient art of baking and speaks of modernity with its taste with contrasts of materials to make the environment unique.

Our Wrap stools were chosen for the large counter in the bakery area. In the cafè area, the chairs with armrests from the Wrap collection maintain the continuity of the visit and warm the surrounding environment.

The sofa and high-backed armchairs from the Light collection create an intimate sitting area while maintaining the modern style of the structure.

Project & Design
Innenraum Design
courtesy of Innenraum Design

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