Akashi Collection

design Paolo Vernier - 2022

President and founder of Midj since 1987, Paolo Vernier designs and develops the Akashi table, without ever neglecting the functionality and customization of the product.

Proportion and balance are Akashi keywords, a four-legged table able to well interpret domestic needs, but also those related to the office.
On first impression, the design strikes for its lightness, obtained thanks to a meticulous study of the construction details. Corners are clear and well defined, as is clearly evident in the square shape of the legs and in their engagement with the top.

From the gentleness of the section to the reduction of thicknesses, to the development of a structural system that allows to reach up to 3 meters in length for the top, without having additional supports. This airiness translates into great practicality and comfort in the use of the table, but also in an aesthetic effect of suspension.

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Paolo Vernier

Paolo Vernier

Born in 1946, he has been designing chairs since an early age, learning how to transform ideas into designs and implement them. The slightest irregularity or technical fault…

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