Charlotte, turn on the lights

Charlotte collection, designed by Tomas Dalla Torre, interprets the Bauhaus art movement through a minimalist design with a decisive line. When the lights are turned on, they create new geometries and become protagonists of every interior design project. Sometimes all it takes is the right lighting to give back to a space its true essence.

Available in four different variations, the design simplifies the geometries in order to make them intuitively understandable and functional in everyday life.

In the suspended version, Charlotte transforms the environment in a functional way: the six adjustable lampshades allow to play with light, either direct or indirect, and to reinvent space every day. The geometry is reduced to the essential in the individual suspended variation, that finds its best position over the living area table.

Minimal and contemporary, the Charlotte table lamp is equipped with an adjustable lampshade that allows to direct the light in a versatile way, depending on the situation.

Lastly, in the floor version Charlotte's aesthetic is kept in the two lampshades, that can be directed as desired to always create the right atmosphere.

Charlotte - EN

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