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Home, a world to live

Discover our proposals for your living area.

Outdoor: en plein air emotions

Nature and design merge in a place where life flows freely, between relaxing breaks and moments of conviviality. An open-air space where shapes, materials, colors, and finishes live in harmony with the natural landscape and the furnishings reinvent the way of living outdoors.

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Home sweet home

There’s no room for frenzy in a living area where essential furniture with neutral tones gives a peaceful sensation, surrounded by light that filters through the windows. Natural materials and warm fabrics create a relaxing atmosphere, where every need is satisfied thanks to design, comfort and functionality.

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Living area that rocks!

At home, we live emotions and affections following the rules of a style that belongs to us. Contemporary, with character, but refined as well. In this way, the living area becomes the mirror of our dreams: every furniture choice is expression of a unique design that favors material elements with a strong personality.

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Charlotte, turn on the lights

Inspired by the Bauhaus art movement and designed by Tomas Dalla Torre for Midj, the Charlotte collection is poetic and extremely modern. The geometries of the design are simplified as much as possible, thanks to a manufacturing that combines craftmanship with cutting-edge technological solutions.

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Tuscan hide, what makes us unique

Tuscan hide collects the signs of time, and through these signs tells an authentic and unique story. Small changes on the surface, such as a greater color intensity and new softness to the touch, guarantee its uniqueness and enhance its charm.

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All over the world, Midj stores are always a stone’s throw away. Here’s where our design meets the experience of professionals to help you find the right solution for your home: inspiration, personalized advice and after-sales support. Everything you need and more!

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