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DTEK Academy

Kiev, Ukraine

The decor of the DTEK Academy was entrusted to the team of the Ukrainian architect Sergey Makhno who created a project inspired by nature as if the interiors of the building were his continuation but offering the services of the latest technologies and respecting the environment while maintaining low consumption of resources and emissions (LEED system green building standard).

Within this modern educational campus, the Midj chairs furnish the Zen garden, the computer labs and the café areas where the functionality of the furnishings was unity to comfort.

In the zen garden on the first floor we find the upholstered Cover lounge chairs where you can relax or work under a ceiling decorated with blooming flowers.

Also on the first floor at the Café Blu we find the Nene plastic chairs, comfortable and easy to clean. Nenè bar chairs are also stackable up to 8 pieces.

Cover upholstered chairs with sled base furnish computer labs designed according to all European requirements.

DTEK is the largest private energy company operating in Ukraine. The company employs 70,000 people and it is precisely to enhance the internal capital that the company has founded the DTEK Academy: a campus specialized in training its staff and state sector personnel.

Project & Design
Sergey Makhno Architects

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