Buqez Eco Resort

Drage, Croatia

The Buqez Eco Resort is located in Drage, Croatia: 48 eco-friendly tiny houses overlook the splendid Dalmatian sea.

Some of the tiny houses have been furnished with our Slim chairs and stools, the Infinity table and the Trampoliere coffee table.

Bright spaces, large windows that offer a breathtaking view and interiors with simple and soft lines.

The Slim stools complete the open space kitchen island and the chairs from the same collection are arranged around the Infinity table, creating contrast with the walls and floors and giving an extra touch of elegance to the rooms.

The Trampoliere coffee table blends perfectly with the living area of ​​the tiny house, and next to the sofa becomes an accomplice of moments of relaxation, while one observes the beautiful panorama from the large windows.


Project Photos

Products Used

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