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Code of ethics

Encouraging virtuous behavior and methods.

Midj’s team consists of men and women who are supported by our Code of Ethics and guarantee professional and competent support worldwide.​​​​​​

Midj’s Code of Ethics is intended to encourage virtuous behavior and methods in order to better combine proper firm management with socially relevant expectations and interests. Team members challenge one another to think creatively, questioning themselves, and improving their skills day by day.

Our Code of Ethics is available upon request at the following​ link.


Quality, a concrete value.

In more than thirty years of work, Midj succeeded in transferring the care of artisanal production to an industrial dimension. This means that the typical aspects of accurate craftsmanship - attention to detail and high-quality products - are guaranteed even in large-scale production.

Midj takes the qualitative aspect of its models very seriously. Quality is not an imaginary asset but a tangible value that affects each daily process.

Midj’s Integrated Management System is certified according to ISO 9001:2015, in order to always satisfy the latest quality standards.

Compliance with environmental standards is certified through ISO 14001:2015, an international standard obtained by Midj, which also involves suppliers in a sustainable approach through an ever-greater reduction in energy consumption and pollution.

For some products, these standards are accompanied by additional specific international certifications that guarantee excellence and ensure a safe use of the product.




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Midj’s World

Midj’s Values

Not only Made in Italy.

Cordovado, Italy

Italy does not just represent a place of production. It goes far beyond this: it is the way of thinking and living that we have been embracing since 1987 when designing, interpreting, and innovating the idea of furniture.

Therefore not only Made in Italy, but a perfect synergy between craftsmanship, creativity, and technology that make our working method the added value in each of our creations.


Italian know-how

Industrial capacity and advanced technologies are our strength, while expertise is our soul and what really makes us stand out.

Know-how is the heart of our company: thanks to it, all our projects take shape and come to life, from a craftsmanship vocation that is continuously cultivated and refined.


Soft Design, more comfort

The DNA of our production also lies in confidence in the future. We design to create real, bright, and joyful spaces. Our soft design welcomes with flowing lines, rounded corners and soft padding designed for moments of happiness and comfort.

Through our collections, we continuously search versatility and the chance to find a perfect solution both for public and private spaces. We look for all the possible solutions to complete your furniture project. Each of Midj’s collections transforms with brand new and continuously tested materials and colors.



Discover the story behind each of our products.

About Midj

Midj in Italy: more than just a payoff.

Italy does not just represent a place of production. It goes far beyond this: it is the way of thinking and living that we have been embracing since 1987 when designing, interpreting, and innovating the idea of furniture.

In more than thirty years of work, Midj succeeded in transferring the care of artisanal production to an industrial dimension. This implies that the typical features relating to craftsmanship are guaranteed even in large-scale production.

Midj’s team consists of men and women who are supported by our Code of Ethics that guarantees professional and competent support worldwide.


Discover the endless ways to use our products.


The soul of Midj’s products: cutting-edge research and development.


Midj: Made in Italy chairs, armchairs, stools and tables

Italy does not just define a place of production. For us, it indicates a way of thinking and living, that we embraced in designing and innovating the idea of furniture since 1987. 

Tuscan hide goes through time and transforms itself, collecting the signs of experience with innate refinement. Over the years, this natural material is enriched with never seen shades, and acquires greater softness, revealing new color intensity. Those that at first sight might seem small imperfections, are instead distinctive features that enhance its beauty and sanction its authenticity. Choosing Midj’s products in Tuscan hide means knowing how to appreciate the charm and value of a material that is always different and, therefore, unique.

Cuoio toscano - EN

Charlotte collection, designed by Tomas Dalla Torre, interprets the Bauhaus art movement through a minimalist design with a decisive line. When the lights are turned on, they create new geometries and become protagonists of every interior design project. Sometimes all it takes is the right lighting to give back to a space its true essence.

Available in four different variations, the design simplifies the geometries in order to make them intuitively understandable and functional in everyday life.

In the suspended version, Charlotte transforms the environment in a functional way: the six adjustable lampshades allow to play with light, either direct or indirect, and to reinvent space every day. The geometry is reduced to the essential in the individual suspended variation, that finds its best position over the living area table.

Minimal and contemporary, the Charlotte table lamp is equipped with an adjustable lampshade that allows to direct the light in a versatile way, depending on the situation.

Lastly, in the floor version Charlotte's aesthetic is kept in the two lampshades, that can be directed as desired to always create the right atmosphere.

Charlotte - EN

Contemporary, decisive and refined. The living area becomes expression of a personal style, that brings together material elements with furnishing solutions with character. The table becomes the central element, the home focal point: the central base, with a matt brushed finish, dialogues with the large and airy spaces in exposed concrete, while the crystal-ceramic top in contrasting material softens the environment. Charlotte pendant lights, hanging over the table and the Pippi chairs in Tuscan hide, complete the area adding a personal rock note.

Inspo Gran Sasso + P47 - EN

When the beauty of design meets the suggestion of nature, a place where feeling at home comes to life. The frenzy of contemporary living gives way to an atmosphere that envelops us with the choice of warm and natural materials, such as Fenix ​​of the Master table and the wool of Pippi chairs, which blend perfectly with the wood coatings. The timeless charm of the Suite bookcase completes the setting and adds a personal touch to the living experience. The clean geometries of the furnishings, a sober color scheme and the soft light that filters through the windows help turning the living area mood into an intimate and relaxed space, in perfect synergy with the green of the surrounding landscape. So, at home we take our time back to take care of ourselves and the people we love.

Inspo Master + Pippi - EN

Home sweet home

There’s no room for frenzy in a living area where essential furniture with neutral tones gives a peaceful sensation, surrounded by light that filters through the windows. Natural materials and warm fabrics create a relaxing atmosphere, where every need is satisfied thanks to design, comfort and functionality.

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Living area that rocks!

At home, we live emotions and affections following the rules of a style that belongs to us. Contemporary, with character, but refined as well. In this way, the living area becomes the mirror of our dreams: every furniture choice is expression of a unique design that favors material elements with a strong personality.

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Charlotte, turn on the lights

Inspired by the Bauhaus art movement and designed by Tomas Dalla Torre for Midj, the Charlotte collection is poetic and extremely modern. The geometries of the design are simplified as much as possible, thanks to a manufacturing that combines craftmanship with cutting-edge technological solutions.

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Tuscan hide, what makes us unique

Tuscan hide collects the signs of time, and through these signs tells an authentic and unique story. Small changes on the surface, such as a greater color intensity and new softness to the touch, guarantee its uniqueness and enhance its charm.

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All over the world, Midj stores are always a stone’s throw away. Here’s where our design meets the experience of professionals to help you find the right solution for your home: inspiration, personalized advice and after-sales support. Everything you need and more!

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Made in Italy design for your contract projects

Made in Italy design for your contract projects

Midj's know-how, combined with the creativity of international designers, gives birth to furnishing elements that meet your interior ideas. We do produce more than 180 models of chairs, tables and furnishing accessories to decorate with style public contemporary spaces, in perfect balance between ergonomics and aesthetics. 

Refined collections for contemporary spaces

Our contract collections stand out for their versatile, colorful and original design. We create entire product families by extending the design of a a model in several versions, with the aim of responding to different needs of a collective environment, while maintaining consistency and style.

Discover our collections

P47, a new collection by Midj

P47 collection is inspired by the multidimensionality of the universe and by what we do not yet know, which the designer Franco Poli has tried to investigate through an ambitious project. P47 defines a new aesthetic, where the leather net is fixed to the frame through visible rivets. The result is a collection of pure design with a strong and decisive soul.

Discover P47 collection

Apelle collection furnishes L'Arbre Blanc, designed by Sou Foujimoto Studio

This residential project was carried out in Montpellier, France, and inauguratedin in 2019. Inside the building one can find one hundred living rooms, a spa, a gym and a restaurant. At the L’Arbre restaurant our Apelle collection, designed by Beatriz Sempere, decorates the main rooms, while on the panoramic rooftop the Apelle stools, in the total white version, furnish the terrace.

Discover the project

Quality and environment


What are the most popular products? What about brand-new ones? Discover the most recent collections, as well as our top sellers in this section. Get ideas for how to make your home and public spaces more welcoming.

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A distinct and recognizable style, available in different variations, to furnish areas of living, work, and leisure with cohesion. Look through our selection for stylish and practical furniture.

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Configure your product

Make great matches to express your personal style. Create the right combinations for you by configuring your favorite product, with a variety of colors and materials.

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To produce unique collections, we always collaborate with expert designers. Discover all the designers' stories, projects, and how their backgrounds combine with our Italian expertise.

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Live again with us the emotions of Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022

Home, a world to live

Home is the mirror of your dreams, the place where all your needs find an answer between design, comfort and functionality. Midj's design gives you full freedom of expression: for each model you can choose materials, colors and finishes, and create the perfect solution in line with your style.

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Made in Italy design for your contract projects

Midj's know-how, combined with the creativity of international designers, gives birth to furnishing elements that meet your interior ideas. We do produce more than 180 models of chairs, tables and complements to decorate public contemporary spaces with style, in perfect balance between ergonomics and aesthetics.

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