Beatriz Sempere

Beatriz Sempere

Beatrice was born in Alicante (Spain) in 1975 and graduated in Industrial design in Valencia, Spain. Since then, she has taken part in countless contests obtaining several prizes and acts of gratitude.

She also attended a course of footwear modeling at the Technological Educational Centre and later developed projects for leading companies. But her real passion is housing and the study of its environment as an essential quality. Therefore she devoted herself to search forms that complete the architecture of interior spaces.

In 2000 she moved to Italy where she continued designing furnishing elements, combining Spanish traditions with a taste for refined and harmonious, but also linear and geometric designs. Clean. Very Italian. A romantic and at the same time modern and rational outline.

Today she collaborates with well-known personalities and friends of the design world and also with various companies, following the artistic direction of the product on occasions.

For Beatriz, Design is an expression, visual communication, an aesthetic language aimed at creating spaces in which a person is the protagonist.

To excite is her ultimate goal, and she does it by creating objects that are apparently different but linked by the essence and standardized by careful and functional technology. Beatriz addresses her creations to a heterogeneous public, always maintaining a design austerity. A clear and simple design. Finally, it is her romantic character that brings her production to life.

“Functionality and ergonomics are essential in every one of my projects. Their combination allows an object to obtain public appreciation over time.” she says.

“Design is an art, which works only when it reaches the soul.” Art is the soul of an object with a strong personality. An object is loved, cared for in every detail.

...This makes Beatriz a careful connoisseur of taste. She appreciates frivolity and non-conformism in the design of the 70s, but it is to the modern man that she addresses her sobriety, her needs, and her contradictions.

She creates a nice relationship between man and object...

For Beatriz Sempere... diseñar es vivir!

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