Ola Collection

design Paolo Vernier, 2016

The principle of “less is more” inspires the Ola collection and implies removing any unnecessary elements to keep only the essential, either materials, decorum or excess of function.
Ola presents two contrasting souls: on one side a metal tube, on the other a body available either in wood, metal or padded. These two fundamental elements mold into soft waves characterized by countless shades: Nordic if interpreted with the warmth of wood, soft if upholstered with fabric or leather.
The collection includes a chairarmchair, and stoolstackable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Ola is extremely versatile: it can furnish young living spaces as well as the common areas that reflect the philosophy of conviviality.

Products of the collection


Paolo Vernier

Paolo Vernier

Born in 1946, he has been designing chairs since an early age, learning how to transform ideas into designs and implement them. The slightest irregularity or technical fault…

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