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Officina delle Idee: where ideas take shape

Published on 10/02/2023
Officina delle Idee: where ideas take shape


For enthusiasts, or for those who are simply curious about the world of design, this place represents the point where ideas take shape and color. The Officina delle Idee is in fact the company's prototyping hub, where our experts meet designers and creatives to develop new collections 

Workshop of Ideas. This is the literal meaning of our research and development department, where the idea passes to the reproduction on paper, then to the scale model, up to a prototype which, combined with our know-how and great creativity, is transformed into a quality design product

The process that leads to the creation of a design element takes time, dedication and passion, but we are deeply in love with it. Yes, because there is nothing more exciting than seeing an idea take shape, a project become reality. 



Inside the Officina delle Idee, five specialists work every day in different areas of design: 3D modeling, carpentry, metal working and project management; a team united by the aim of making the product innovative, always looking for new solutions

We like to compare the Officina to a gym, where it is possible to train by doing various exercises - in our case style exercises - to experiment with innovative materials and processes and test the effectiveness of each element before officially presenting it to the market. 

If something doesn't work, we work on the detail of the single element. By apparently changing a simple line or softening an angle, modifying a backrest, the product evolves and what seemed to be a mistake becomes a lesson to learn from. 


Team of ideas of MIDJ



State-of-the-art machinery and technical tools are the team's allies, which support their work every day, simplifying it and making it faster and more efficient. 

The project kicks off with the prototyping process. Even for us it is difficult to establish how many tests our technicians carry out: the progress of a product takes place thanks to continuous trials and errors. 

In the Workshop not only are prototypes made, but once the model is ready, the industrialization phase begins. The production process involves the creation of the first series of the product, which will then be distributed all over the world. 


Technology for ideas from MIDJ



What role do designers have in the process? Surely they are the spark, the one that triggers the whole process. They come up with the idea, whether it's on paper, on a computer, or a simple sketch. They light the fuse of creativity that inspire our technicians. After an initial strategic analysis, if the idea embraces Midj projects and style, is carried forward. The idea is like a flame that is fueled along the way, test after test the enthusiasm grows, becoming the beating heart of the project

During the process, the drawing begins to take shape, is designed and recreated to scale. The designer assists in all phases of this genesis, modifying and advising the team, which listens for ideas and which, thanks to its great experience, is able to channel the information and model it with care. Screw after screw, drawing after drawing, model after model, something happens. It happens that finally the idea takes shape

All that remains is to start the manufacturing process. 

All that remains is to present the new product to the world. 


designer of MIDJ with ideas



Metal, wood, marble, ceramic, hide, fabric, polypropylene. These are just some of the materials to choose from in order to shape an idea. 

The technical characteristics of a product allow the use of some materials rather than others. Other times, however, it is the designer's creative intuition that drives us to experiment with unusual solutions that eventually turn out to be successful. 

It is a mix of sensations, choices, taste and functionality. 


Materials to create MIDJ design products

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