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Kitchen stools: the perfect combination of beauty and functionality

Published on 05/05/2021
Kitchen stools: the perfect combination of beauty and functionality

We know many people consider the kitchen to be the main room, or, let’s say, the beating heart of a house.

“Kitchens have been transformed into extremely fluid and welcoming spaces where we dedicate our time to the art of cooking, eating, and living.”

New furnishing proposals include an element of conviviality that has allowed us to redefine the kitchen area: we’re talking about kitchen islands. And in any “American-styled kitchen”, stools certainly can’t go missing.

Guapa kitchen stools

Guapa stools, by Sempere#Poli Design

These eye-catching seats allow us to use the kitchen island for breakfast or casual dining. And just like in any open-kitchen restaurant, stools welcome guests as they enjoy sipping a sparkling glass and become “show cooking” spectators.

In short, timeless bar stools are a practical and versatile seating option. That’s why they are now widely used in homes as well. Tuck them away under the counter or have them become the protagonist of your kitchen and not only.

“With their slender silhouette, stools enhance both small and large environments.”

Stationary or adjustable stools

Our stationary stools are available in 2 different heights. But how to choose the one that best suits our needs and completes our kitchen? 

Kitchen islands are usually about 90 cm high. To ensure maximum comfort between the seat and the countertop, the ideal choice would be a 65 cm height stool. While, for counters up to 100 cm and more, we suggest opting for a 75 cm stool.

Apelle kitchen stools

Apelle stool, design Beatriz Sempere

Alternatively, when we are unsure on which height to focus our choice, we can opt for a comfortable adjustable stool that can be easily used both by adults and children.

Raff kitchen stool

Raff stool, design Area 44

Sgabello Stone

Stone stool, design Midj R&D

Stools with or without backrest and armrests

Stools with high backs and armrests are exceptionally comfortable if you generally use the countertop for meals. Some models, such as Sonny, satisfy all ergonomic requirements thanks to their shape, material, and padding, just like a traditional chair, but a bit higher from the floor.

Stone kitchen stool

Sonny stool, design Midj R&D

And what about backless stools like the ones in our Apelle collection? The visually minimal and painted iron structure welcomes a very comfortable padded seat.

Apelle kitchen stool

Apelle stool, design Beatriz Sempere

Overmore, stools without backrests and armrests offer maximum freedom of movement and represent a practical space-saving solution for smaller rooms. They can be easily stored under the table or kitchen top or moved to the dining room and studio if necessary.

It’s all a matter of style

From an aesthetic point of view, our advice is to choose stools that match the surrounding environment, creating a sense of continuity.

Stools with metal structure

If you have a modern and minimally designed kitchen, the metal structure and essential geometric lines of our Slim and Trampoliere collections are certainly ideal.

Slim kitchen stool

Slim stool, design Paolo Vernier

Trampoliere kitchen stool

Trampoliere stool, design Roberto Paoli

Stools with wooden structure

On the other hand, wooden stools with a padded seat and upholstered in fine leather, faux leather, hide, or fabric are suitable for more classic environments. Have a look at the stools from our Lea collection designed by Paolo Vernier.


Lea kitchen stool

Lea stool, design Paolo Vernier

And what about the colors?

Unleash your creativity by playing with colors and creating stunning effects. The most modern and contemporary environments lend themselves to contrasting chromatic combinations, obtained by adding seats in vibrant shades. And when combined with lacquered furniture, they create a refined effect that undoubtedly grabs the attention.

Calla kitchen stool

Calla stool, design Fabrizio Batoni

Slim kitchen stool

Slim kitchen stool, design Paolo Vernier

Cover kitchen stool

Cover stool, design Midj R&D

While, for a sophisticated style, choose the simplicity and delicacy of neutral colors, such as white and taupe, or pretty pastel colors such as pink.

Master kitchen stool

Master stool, design Paolo Vernier

Dalia kitchen stool

Dalia stool, design Beatriz Sempere

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