Twist S Chair

design Midj R&D, 2012
Twist S

Chair with four leg base in chrome, white or aluminium painted. Shell available in four colours of Hirek® or upholstered in leather, ecoleather, fabric or custom's fabric. The chair with Hirek® shell is suitable for outdoor use.

Finishing and Materials


Dimension cm inch
A 82 32.3
B 58 22.8
C 56 22
D 46 18.1

Volumetric Details

Weight 9.5
Volume 0.29 mc
Package 1


To clean the legs of the chair we recommend to use a wet cloth to remove dust and dirty. Midj advises against the use of abrasive products that could damage the finish. For the upholstery to remove stains, it is advisable to rub the affected area with a clean, soft cloth or use a solution of water and a little neutral soap that must be applied gently onto the stain using a damp cloth. Rinse thoroughly and leave to dry away from direct sunlight.

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