Rudy Vernier

Rudy Vernier

Following in the family footprint, Rudy was born on the first day of spring in 1982. He was immediately aware that he had inherited a certain taste for beauty and style, and a considerable sense of responsibility: from his early childhood he spent most of his free time at the family company, surrounded by the characteristic creativity of the sector and the practical requirements of a “factory”.

After playing with pieces of leftover leather and cardboard packaging among pallets as a child, he grew up in the usual way and obtained a high school diploma from Istituto Tecnico Leonardo da Vinci in 2001. He then began working in the company. Initially, he gained experience in all departments in order to understand the various areas involved and to find the best path for each design solution. Then he started work in the technical department, where he now draws, finds the right proportions and determines the characteristics of new products.

Prototyping, workshop activities, assembly and packaging are sacred to him: he is now an excellent technician and refers to himself, with a pinch of humility, as an “apprentice designer”, even though his chair designs are already highly successful.

Like each respected designer, or “apprentice designer”, he still has many unrealized ideas and believes that a “good designer” must focus on discovering new shapes, new habits and new styles, instead of on what to do in order to create them.

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