Archirivolto was founded by Claudio and Marco Pocci  in 1983, as industrial design and architectural studio. Claudio and Marco , during their studies of Architecture , with a few friends, created a group of theatrical experimentation.

When , continuing their partnership , they choose to deal with design , interest in the theater significantly influences the setting of the new study : creativity, sense of reality , respect and care for the public. They were interested to understand the production world and the market , so started with a shop of designer furniture.

In addition to studying the home furniture, Archirivolto is dedicated to experiments in the world of electronics and architecture: as well as tables, chairs, stools, upholstered furniture and lighting, the firm has designed numerous products for daily use, but also villas and public places.

Archivolto interprets  design as beauty, harmony and freedom: it  cannot be bound by established strict rules or exist as the privilege of a cultural or social elite. The designer has a duty to create beauty for all and to put  the design in contact to an increasing number of people.

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