Midj Design Contest

2017 - The talent of the new generations

Midj Design Contest 2017

The "Midj Design Contest"

Since several years we are engaged in research and product development in order to position us between the leading brands in international design.

In order to reinforce product testing, this year we have introduced the Midj design contest (a biennial project), that is an advance research path, whose aim is to engage young Italian and international designers into a comparison with academics.

We are looking for a strong contamination of ideas, which is able to challenge the “modus operandi” of our today craft and industrial production into a question.

We are confident that new generations and their trusting gaze in future are a key conduit to identify the ever changing needs of contemporary society.

2017 Edition

The title for the first Midj Design Contest is “Living Music”, the music link is the result of the partnership with Arrigoni Arcs Accademy of San Vito al Tagliamento, that for years gathers young talented violinist from all over the world organizing the “Il Piccolo Violino Magico” contest.

By combining music and furniture, on one side the place where we live and on the other one the sound, the result is that there is a common point, that is wood. In fact wood is both used by luthiers and by chair artisans. The merging of these two topics is the aim of the contest, launched to the students attending the design school “Belle Arti Accademy” (that is the De.School) of Verona, whose purpose is to create new innovative fitting elements.

Our partners

The partners of the first edition are:

“Arrigoni” Accademy, that is an arc Accademy following the traditional Russian School of violinists. It aspires to create a school for young people training in playing arc instruments, to improve and perform chamber music and orchestra. Because of that it organizes each year an international contest “Il Piccolo Violino Magico” where young talented violinists aged from 9 to 13 take part.

De.School of Verona, whose commitment is to teach young designers to develop planning skills and to get acquainted with the technologic instruments relating to the use and management of space, to the design principles and to the scale representation.

The contest

The contest is aimed at the design project of tables, chairs and fitting elements inspired by the sound of arcs and by the harmony created by the latter’s. Art, culture, music and materials are the key features that have to be the added values of every new object conception, becoming an essential piece of a future MIDJ collection made up of several elements joint together by an unequivocal line.

As vibration is essential in violin play, the sound itself will be the soul, the symbol and the inspiration of the project new idea.

The works will be examined by a commission made of MIDJ and a scientific committee, they will be meeting on 15th June 2017 and will judge the nomination entries pursuant to the agreement.

The three winners of the contest will be officially announced on the evening of 4th July 2017 at the premises of Midj in Cordovado (PN). There the prototype of the winner will be exposed together with the visual of every participating projects.

During that evening there will be the presentation of the “Il Piccolo Violino Magico” contest with the participation of the competitors.

The Awards Cerimony

On Tuesday 4th July the awards ceremony of the 1st Midj Design Contest has took place on our premises in Cordovado (Italy).

This event, organized with the co-operation of the Arrigoni Arcs Accademy of San Vito al Tagliamento (Italy), has sealed the partnership between Midj and the Accademy, which is promoting the international contest “Il Piccolo Violino Magico”.

"Midj Design Contest" and "Il Piccolo Violino Magico" are two different realities in essence, but they are sharing the aim to evaluate the new generations talent. Because of that it has been natural to Midj to melt its Design Contest with the subject of sound made by arc instruments, and on the same way to “Il Piccolo Violino Magico” to execute the begin of the evening of the contest together with Midj.

©Elia Falaschi

Nineteen is the number of the projects that have attained the exam of the jury of the Midj Design Contest, which jury has chosen the winners of the contest following the criteria of concept, innovation, feasibility and presentation.

The winner is the young Sandro Capitanio with his project “A432”: an original chair for musicians conceived in laminated wood and created to establish harmony between humans and nature.

"A432" design Sandro Capitanio. ©Elia Falaschi

Sandro Capitanio and Paolo Vernier, President of Midj S.p.A. ©Elia Falaschi

The second and third-placed, that are Nicola Scarian with his project “Hybrid” and Aliona Pagani with her project “Pocket” have been awarded thanks to the support of the District 2060 of the Rotary Club of San Vito al Tagliamento.

The opening event has been conferred to the Arrigoni Arcs Accademy playing some sound clips together with the soloist violinists Laura Bortolotto and Nurie Chung. The latter’s violinist is a twelve years old Corean boy who won the superseded edition of “Il Piccolo Violino Magico”. They have played under the direction of M. Giancarlo Guarino and after their performance, there have been the presentation of the fourteen competitors.

Laura Bortolotto, violin solo. ©Elia Falaschi

Nurie Chung, violin solo. ©Elia Falaschi

Find out the complete gallery on oub block clicking here.

The Jury


Appc Pordenone
Rotary International
Accademia delle Belle Arti di Verona
DE School
Accademia Arrigoni

Technical Sponsors

Vini Petrucco
BCC San Biagio
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